Afghanistan 2004-2005

Lance Corporal Dan Robert, Lima Company

Lance Corporal Dan Robert, Lima Company

In the snow of far-off Northern lands…

In November 2004, 3/3 conducted its first combat deployment in the Global War on Terror as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and became the sole Marine ground presence in eastern Afghanistan. The battalion headquarters was set up at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Salerno in Khowst Province and the line companies pushed out to the provinces of Kunar, Laghman, Logar, Nangahar, and Paktia. Contact with the enemy was mostly light and sporadic, with the notable exception of the battle in Mayl Valley. In May the southern half of the battlespace was turned over to the Army. The battalion returned to Hawaii in June 2005.


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Key Units

Battalion Staff / Headquarters & Service Company | India Company | Kilo Company | Lima Company | Weapons Company


Lima-3 near Khowgiani, May 2005. Painting by SSgt. Michael Fay.

Lima-3 near Khowgiani, May 2005. Painting by SSgt. Michael Fay.

Lieutenant Colonel Norm Cooling

Majors Patrick Beckett | Andrew Priddy

Captains Kenneth Barr | Donald Blume III | James Sweeney

1st Lieutenants Stephen Boada | Roy Bechtold | Jonathan Frangakis

Second Lieutenant Peter Ankney

First Sergeant Vincent Santiago

Staff Sergeant Jason Ramseyer

Sergeants Jairo Fredonis | Levar Palmer | Seth Stanton

Corporals Troy Arndt | Gideon Hornung | Patrick McKinney | David Parkinson | James Rogers Jr | Richard Schoener* | Joseph Summers Jr. | Patrick Whalen

Lance Corporals Jose Marin Dominguez | Michael Estrella | Nicholas Kirven* | Ryan Lane | Eric Lueken | William Leusink | Yull Estrada Rodriguez | Gary Soupir | Paul Szoldra


FOB Salerno | FOB Jalal Abad | FOB Gardez | FOB Mehtar Lam | FOB Asadabad | Camp Blessing


Khowst Province | Nangahar Province | Laghman Province | Paktia Province | Logar Province | Kunar Province



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