About Task Force Trinity

Task Force Trinity is a website dedicated to the history of the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment, better known as “3/3”, in the Global War on Terrorism from 2001 to 2012. My goal is to include information from the battalion command chronologies, images, videos, news articles, and individual testimony to give as well-rounded a viewpoint as possible.

This has been an undertaking years in the making, ever since I arrived in 3/3 in November 2006. My first project was a history of 3/3 on Wikipedia, which I began in early 2007 and finally completed in late 2010. In addition, I set up an alumni Facebook page (2007) with over 2,000 members and a YouTube Channel (2012). The battalion has an official Facebook page, Trinity, which it has operated since early 2010.

Following my permanent change of station from 3/3 in September 2011, I was able to make contact with former senior members of the battalion, who have made this project possible. I’d especially like to thank Vietnam alumni “Doc” Hoppy and Otto Lehrack, as well as former battalion commander Brigadier General-select Norm Cooling, who have been invaluable sources of inspiration for me.

Ceremony by Third Marine Regiment marking the end of its participation in the Global War on Terrorism, 24 May 2012. Source: KHON News, Hawaii

Books on the 3rd Battalion and the 3rd Marine Regiment:

Victory Point by Ed Darack

America’s Battalion by Otto Lehrack
No Shining Armor by Otto Lehrack
A Ribbon and a Star by John Monks, Jr.
 Second Platoon HadesSecond Platoon: Call Sign Hades by Mark Bodrog

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