3/3 Battalion Memorial Shirt

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

This is a memorial t-shirt for the Marines, sailors, and families of 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines, remembering our brothers who fell in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Who are you?

Justin Palmer and my wife Jennifer.  I served in 3/3 from 2006-2011, and am one of the unit’s unofficial historians.  I also run Task Force Trinity and the 3/3 alumni Facebook group.

So is this an official Marine Corps project?

No, this is private in nature.  Although I am currently active-duty, this is in no way endorsed by the Marine Corps or the Department of Defense.

So what’s the deal?

I negotiated the deal with Oo-rah.com, a group that makes unit PT shirts.  We’ve done battalion deployment shirts with them in the past and I’ve found them reliable and dependable.

What’s this going to cost?

$17 per shirt is their pre-negotiated price. This is a bulk order which must be prepaid.  We’re adding $8 to cover shipping and handling at our end, plus to ensure that we break even, since we will have to pay for the entire order in advance.  Any extra proceeds will go to supporting the Nonprofit group Fallen Not Forgotten, managed by fellow battalion alumnus Jaisun Hanson.

So how will this work?

We will only be taking pre-orders, and via PayPal.  When we receive the order within approximately four weeks, we’ll mail your shirts to the address you specified in PayPal.

Can I get this with just one or two names on it?


Can I order directly from Oo-rah.com?

Only if you plan on getting at least 48.  Oo-rah.com specializes in bulk unit orders.

Is this the final design?


How long do I have to order?

The 2015 Shirt Drive is Closed

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