5 December 2007: India-3 Weapons Cache in Rafush

“1st and 2nd squad with India Co. 3rd platoon found a massive Cache in Rafush (misspelled) that the [Iraqi Police] were hiding. On our patrols we discovered it. We secured the area, and waited forever for EOD to show. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd squad participated.” — Source: Michael Montague, India Company
“I remember me taking the video.. doc colvard…. Cpl nelson and bruce cates being on the roof with me (others on outer perimeter)…. 1st squad was on patrol, and came across the IP’s with spotlights on the house…but 1st squad secured the area, and realized it was an IED cache inside a building. 2nd squad took over,and finished sweeping the area, waiting for EOD. We cleared the area of all locals and EOD detonated the area…as the transition happened between 2nd and 3rd Squad EOD, without warning EOD detonated a 2nd detonation. One day hopefully I can fill in the whole story.” — Source: Michael Montague, India Company


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