Lima-1 Weapons Cache in Khogyani District (17 Jan 05)

Lima Company recovered (2) AK-47s, (21) RPGs, (241) armor piercing rounds, (10) grenades, (93) mortar rounds, (1) block of C-4, (1) electronic blasting cap, (1) AT mine, various amounts of small arms ammunition, and approximately (70) pounds of opium as a result of HUMINT and following a short fire fight at a compound in the Khogyani District, Nangarhar Province.” — Source: 3/3 Command Chronology for the Period 01 January to 30 June 2005

3/3 Chronology

“While on a duration operation in the southern district of Khogyani, 1st Platoon, Lima Company received information during the night from a local national of a weapons cache. On the morning of 17 January, the platoon moved to cordon off the suspected compound and conducted a search with the local Afghan National Police (ANP). As they arrived at the compound, they began to receive small arms fire. The contact was initiated by two guards protecting a weapons and drug cache inside the compound. Following the contact, the weapons were confiscated and the opium destroyed by the ANP while two detainees were brought to the Jalal Abad Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) for questioning.  Despite the fact that specially trained Afghan forces handling the counter-narcotics effort, Coalition Forces were sometimes associated with these efforts and often had to handle the associated repercussions.” — Source: 3/3 Command Chronology for the Period 01 January to 30 June 2005

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