A tale of four videos

While doing my initial online research for this site, I stumbled across the YouTube channel of M16musicc, a former India Company Marine who served with 3/3 on the ’04-’05 and ’06 deployments.  Going through his videos really helped me collect my thoughts on what I want this site to be: a look at all aspects of the battalion in the War on Terror, not just the ‘sexy’ combat parts.

In previous conflicts like Vietnam, Marines conducted individual 365-day tours, while the unit itself would be deployed for the duration of the conflict.  Its long-term history wasn’t particularly relevant, since its make-up changed every day. Today, the Marine Corps unit rotation policy is closer to World War II’s, where the unit goes everywhere together.

In Vietnam, a Marine’s tour started and ended overseas.  Today, a modern Marine’s tour could be training in California in February, whooping it up in Hawaii in March, and deployed to Iraq in April, and always with the same group of guys.  Most of our Marines did this cycle for between three-four years, although some did it for as many as seven.



Bored in Iraq

Rooftop Ambush

Site News: I’ve added a Google Maps plugin, that should allow us to add unit/enemy positions, locations, etc, and trying to figure out a user organizer program, called BuddyPress.  In addition, I may be writing an article for Leatherneck soon on 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines in the Haditha Triad, which will obviously be a dry-run for future 3/3-related articles. Still plugging along with January events…

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