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The British paper The Guardian, recently added an interactive visualization of all their Iraq and Afghanistan stories.  Why do we care?  Because in the hectic day-to-day schedule of patrols, post, watch, and working parties, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.

What was going on during certain months and how might it have affected us?  When Najmuddin surrendered to India Company in April 2005, was it an isolated incident or part of a larger trend?  Why were there riots in Jalalabad in May 2005?

While this is just one newspaper, I hope to find others.  We did a good job in 2010 tracking the various embedded reporters we had with 3/3, or just in our AO, and some of their stories were more useful than the intelligence we were getting.

Site News: The format I’m leaning towards (example: Operation Cornhuskers) is a series of posts for the days that events happened, made up of: the command chronology, any news articles/press releases, and any media (audio/visual/imagery) about.  Lastly, I’m trying to figure out how to set up user profiles to allow our 3/3 veterans to share their memories, gripes, or other recollections.

I’m hoping to start adding units and locations as early as next week, but that will all depend on whether I make them posts or pages.  Once we’ve got those, we can start adding users!

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